Thomas Art bus

We are bringing Art Therapy to Bolivia! By using an Art Bus, we will tour targeted areas in Bolivia to provide access to therapy for women and children overcoming traumatic events.


With the Art Bus, we strive to bring Art Therapy to the different communities of Cochabamba, and eventually Bolivia, as a vehicle of unity and peace!

As a tribute to Thomas, the main inspiration behind Pintar en Bolivia, we name this project “the Thomas Art Bus”. Just like he lived his last months, we want to share his joy, optimism, and belief of the power of arts therapy to all people in Bolivia in need of inspiration, and in a need of a way to escape the tough daily routine they carry in life.


The project is still in its prospection and fundraising phase, and we hope to be able to launch it by the end of 2019.

We have chosen to do an Art Bus since buses are very versatile. They can function as a mobile therapy room, an office and traditional transportation.


One goal of the Art Bus is to unify locals through Pintar en Bolivia. We have already generated tons of interest and engagement with locals with our work at Pintar en Bolivia. Locals have already signed up to drive the bus and,moreover, get involved. We seek to establish a base of local supporters and champions to be further rooted into the community. This will further enable our vision of creating the first Art Therapy Association in Bolivia!


This provides access to the larger Bolivian population that would not usually have access to therapy or art. This demographic will  benefit enormously from this Art Bus.

With the therapy and workshops, we bring support along with new possibilities. For many, it will be the first time they experience Art Therapy and meet people outside their community, thereby, widening their horizon.

Ride along our Art bus project by helping us fund it!