To improve well-being, to inspire communities

Helping local communities through arts therapy


We believe that through Arts Therapy one can work on emotions and personal issues in a different approach than regular psychological support. Indeed Arts Therapy help to express hidden feelings and emotions, reduce stress and anxiety in addition to reinforcing self-confidence through succesful artwork.


Through the action of Pintar En Bolivia we want to improve the well-being of children and women in difficulties in Cochabamba, Bolivia. We aim to help them experience a differentiated and professional psychological support to help them overcome their issues and find strength to overcome what the future awaits them.


Through collaboration with different organizations and intermediaries, we want to transfer our knowledge and expertise at a local level, in order to make the project self-sustainable in the long term, and to empower local communities to take action for their well-being.

Some facts about Bolivia


% of abused women


of annual surgeries of severe burns


% of teenage pregnancies


% of children population comes from low income families


% of the population has access to health coverage