To improve well-being!
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Helping local communities through Arts Therapy: a powerful tool!


We believe that through Arts Therapy one can work on emotions and personal issues in a different approach than regular psychological support. Indeed Arts Therapy help to express hidden feelings and emotions, reduce stress and anxiety in addition to reinforcing self-confidence through succesful artwork.


Through the action of Pintar En Bolivia we want to improve the well-being of children and women in difficulties in Cochabamba, Bolivia. We aim to help them experience a differentiated and professional psychological support to help them overcome their issues and find strength to overcome what the future awaits them.


Through collaboration with different organizations and intermediaries, we want to transfer our knowledge and expertise at a local level, in order to make the project self-sustainable in the long term, and to empower local communities to take action for their well-being.

History of the project

The ‘Pintar en Bolivia’ project was first started in 2015 when Lisan Van der Wal, then student in Bachelor of Art therapy in Holland, conducted an explorative project assessing the feasibility of developing an arts therapy support in Cochabamba, Bolivia; a country where this type of therapy is inexistent. The project was initially carried out in two locations: Hospital Viedma and Clinica Los Olivos, where the introduction of Art therapy was a great success! Consequently, Lisan came back for a trimester in autumn 2016 to determine how to further develop the project in Cochabamba and turn it into a new foundation. Through analysing the different options we had to develop the project with various local associations in need, two new projects aroused: Mosoj and Casa de Atención a las Mujeres (CAM).

In order to come back and further implement the project, Lisan worked hard back in Holland to make her dream come true. In early June 2017 the project officially became a non-profit organisation. The following week the organisation held a benefit dinner in Holland to communicate about the project and raise enough money to kick-start it.

In August 2017 Lisan returned to Cochabamba to further implement the project. She was warmly welcomed by the various partner centres, all very excited to resume collaboration and work together towards a common goal. Fortunately the success of the foundation continues to grow. We hope that as a consequence we will be able to fully implement the foundation, and make it self-sustainable in order for it to constantly be present in Bolivia ensuring the continuity of the projects and the introduction of new insights throughout Bolivia and hopefully one day Latin America.

Our Beliefs

Integrate Art Therapy

Encouraging professionnals to integrate artistic therapies into their social and heathcare system

Arts can be anywhere

We aim towards integrating a variety of public places towards showing that the arts hold and important place in daily lives and can be practiced in a variety of environments

Raising awareness

Raising awareness among local communities, through various events and information workshop, about the therapeutical effect of art therapy on child well-being

Knowledge transmission

We highly emphasise on helping local communities through education and not merely instant problem solving

International spirit

Fostering intercultural exchange thanks to the involvement of both local and international team members and volunteers

The art of acting locally

Through the sourcing of local tangible resources as well as involving local volunteers opening their eyes on issues happening around them

Our Dream Team



From my early childhood on, I kept myself busy with creative endeavours: dance, theatre, art and sports have always been a constant part of my life. Later on, I developped a high interest for philanthropie. Subsequently, when I was ready to take care of myself, I started to explore the world and discovered my love for traveling, history and the diversity of humans and culture.

‘Pintar En Bolivia’ is the amalgamation of all these metionned interests and passions I developped during my life.With the creation of this project I therefore try to join my forces: to combine my passion for creativity, for the world and for humanitarian services. To step out of my comfort zone and follow my dreams!



Board Member - Finances



Main coordinator fundraising



Board Member - Secretary



Graphic designer



Business counselling and communication



Coordinator Newsletter and author

“With a lot of enthusiasm and passion, Lisan launched her project ´Pintar en Bolivia´ in 2015. Lisan has shown to be adaptable, flexible, professional and has shown social skills and craftsmanship. A strong feature of Lisan is that she is always doing the things in her own style. As an Art therapist she looked at the opportunities that she could offer and she was able to connect with the patients through art. Especially the donations she raised for the children with cancer, enabling the purchase of artistic materials but also new tables and chairs, shows her passion. We can be proud of students like Lisan van der Wal!”


Gemmy Willemars | Lecturer, Senior registered Art therapist, Master of Art therapy and researcher | University of Applied Scienses Utrecht, Art Therapy | HU Amersfoort

“I got to know Lisan as an entrepreneurial, extremely creative and cheerful student who never gave up even though she experienced considerable setbacks in Bolivia. Communication, marketing and know-how of her own profession were combined with her own way of doing things. She managed to convince many people of the positive effects of Art therapy and even managed to create a wonderful article in one of the largest newspapers in Bolivia. She cheered up the hearts of seriously ill children with cancer and patients made artworks to thank her. I do not know anyone who would be able to do this, under these circumstances and in this period of time. She has a strong personality and created and effectively implemented the project ‘Pintar en Bolivia’. Chapeau!”


Dagmar Linz | Art Therapist, dali-art-therapy, Bachelor of Art therapy | Supervisor Pintar en Bolivia 2015 |

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