Aleks Allison is 22 years old and from Western Australia. She came to Bolivia to spend some time doing Art therapy. She will assist in giving Arts Therapy for kids (cancer and seriously burned) and women in difficulties, at the project locations we are in cooperation with. Aleks graduated with a Bachelors degree in Fine Art and Psychology and worked as a nanny for two years. She decided to come to Bolivia to gain more experience with working with kids who have experience manymore troubles in their life and for who help is not always self-evident. Aleks also loves painting, drawing and writing and had an Art Exhibition in Western Australia in May this year, painting 22 artworks of dreams and visions. She loves to work with dreams and because of this she will be in charge in October of organising for Pintar en Bolivia the ‘month of dreams’ with the kids! Aleks hopes to study Art Therapy herself in the future and she is seeing this experience as an incredibly valuable opportunity! 

To get already an inspiring impression of Aleks her ‘dream paintings’ visit her page: dreams_please