Together with the kids we made dream journals. Every child was free in the way they wanted to express themselves through their dream journal. A few of the dreams from some of the kids, we will share with you:


Anita is dreaming of helping all the homeless animals in the streets of Bolivia


Jadiel wants to get to know the sea one day!


And he is also dreaming of visiting the Himalaya Mountains.


Lucy decorated the front page of her dream journal in her own style and with a mix of dreams she has: living in an beautiful environment with big mountains and sunny weather every day.


Anita is dreaming of visiting beautiful nature where she can see snow and lots of beautiful animals.


Jadiel dreams of becoming a docter one day.


Elba commented about experiencing bad dreams. What she did was surprisingly creative and well thought of her, she wrapped her journal up so that it could not be open again and her bad dreams where locked!


Anita is dreaming as well of becoming a great artist one day!