Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. 

-Harriet Tubman-


An inspiring month full of colourful dreams


For October we focused on the theme of dreams, as it was a great passion of me, Aleks Allison (volunteer September and October). I enjoy painting the literal dreams of friends and people I meet all over the world, and keep a dream journal that spans over ten years. Together with Lisan I decided that as a gift I could paint the dreams of the kids from the project where I’ve worked the past 2 months, Project Mosoj, and leave it with them. It was decided that it would be more inspiring for the kids if they explained life long dreams for their futures and that I could paint this instead of the dreams that they had at night. The kids had a mini interview each with me, explaining desires that they had for their future! Most interview lasted about five minutes and the kids explained a few elements that they envisioned for themselves – including places they would like to travel to, things they would like to accomplish, jobs they would like and simple things like favourite colours and animals. This idea was created to inspire the kids, and to let myself inspire the kids too – by showing my passion (and what I do with that) and to give back to the world. Their own artwork is theirs now and includes very personal elements of their dreams and character. We are hoping that having something like this will make the kids remember to strive for what they desire and to never give up! That despite the hardships they have faced, it is important to remain positive and create better future for themselves.

As expected from such a unique group of kids, we ended up with a bunch of bright, unique and inspiring artworks! Here are the results which we will be sharing one by one with you. With some of the artworks we will also share a little bit of the history of the child with you to give a better briefunderstanding about what happened to them before they got seriously burned:


When she was 13 years old she was home alone with her little sister of 8 who she had to take care of while her parents left for work. When she started to prepare lunch and put a spark, the gas turned out to be open and exploded forward towards her body. Both arms and parts of her face are seriously burned and show the vehemence of the accident. Now, almost 4 years later, she is dreaming of studying Psychology, and was very impressed to hear that I had studied Psychology too. She really wants to help people who need it, and support them in every way she can. She also loves cats (so I have included one following her) and wants a beautiful house in the country. A plane in the sky represents her desire to travel to Argentina. I have no doubt in my mind that she will go far in life – keep following your amazing path girl!


She is 17 years old and wants to sing and play guitar one day. At the moment she is a shy girl, but this would boost her confidence. She told me her desires after taking some time to really think about it, and I think it is a big dream of hers. It will give her much more confidence. Look forward to seeing you in the spotlight!
An interesting and very brave dream for this 14 year old girl, she wants to become an anti drug police! Also has desires to learn how to dance, paint and sing. This girl wants to be heard in the future! I have included some plants as I am certain that she will grow in the future and fulfill all her desires. Many colours for a colourful future!
She is 5 years old and wants to become a nurse and I have put her in a yellow nurses outfit, because she is very bright and smiley. She also loves dogs. I know she will grow and flourish like the flowers in her picture. Good luck sweetheart!
She is 12 years old and she wants to be a vet! I have painted her with many animals and a rainbow, a very colourful and helpful life she has ahead of her. Very proud of her desire to help animals.
















She is 5 years old and once during a festival day in Bolivia while they where preparing a famous local drink she fall into the boiling mix of the traditional drink chichi. It burned several parts of her body very badly.

Her dream is to host a grand and amazing fiesta for Halloween when she grows up! She wants to see lots of cool costumes… and look after baby chickens too! I have put her in a star costume because she really is a star. Her name, litereally means she will always shine bright, totally fits her strong character!




We all fight with our siblings, tease other, hate each other for a while but then with time relationships evolve and siblings get past such fights. Unfortunately for her, the fight went beyond imaginable. A year ago, her sister being very mad at her, threw gasoline at her sister’s face and lit her on fire to express her angerness. Obviously, due to a lack of preventive education most children in Bolivia do not understand the consequences of such acts.

Ever since a large part of her face and neck are marked by this severe wound. Ashamed of such marks she constantly tries to cover it with her scarf to feel more comfortable and confident, yet consciously knowing that it will never hide her burnt face neither give her back her confidence to expose herself on public. 

Her dream is to become a nurse and help others relieve their pains. We all believe that she will be a great nurse being very good at caring for others, straight headed and a great leader with her friends. We don’t think she’ll ever lose sight of her goals, and she’s right to hold on tight to them. Shoot for the stars my dear, you have a great future ahead of you!





Only 11 years old and so many dreams and desires! Amongst other things, she wants to be a chef (and she loves pizza), a doctor, look after animals and travel the world! She loves animals and I am sure she will be able to help a lot of them in her life. For such a young girl, she is very strong. The world is your oyster my girl!
She is 18 years old and dreams of being a futballista. She is determined and very strong, and loves red. I have painted her kicking a football into the cosmos because I see her future being very full of opportunities. She also wants to travel but hadn’t decided. The universe is out there waiting for you! Such a strong minded girl you are.
He is 13 years old and he loves Bolivia and doesn’t want to leave his hometown of Cochabamba. His patriotism also extends to his dreams of playing for Bolivia in Football! When asked about his favourite colours, he said red, yellow, green (Bolivian flag colours!). He has a good sense of humour and I see the love of his country motivating him in his future.
She is only 5 years old but already very sure about what she wants to become: a model and a ballerina! And also wants to see lots of animals all over the world. I have included many exotic animals from all over the world to join her in the picture. Shoot for the stars, my little ballerina!
















She is 12 years old and was born up in the mountains in one of Bolivia’s oldest and most poor but once most important and rich city because of the gold and silver, named Potosi. A few years ago when she was running after a sheep, she got entangled in loose hanging power cables. From her tooth to her chin she is seriously burnt and marked with scars.

Because Potosi is far away she constantly stays in the centre and only travels back home for special occasions (Christmas). One of her dreams is to be with her family, as she cannot for the foreseeable future. Besides that she wants to be a chef so I have included a chef hat in her painting! She has seen pictures of Mexico and loves the look of it because it is colourful. She desires owning a bicycle all of her own…. I see a very positive path for her to ride along.

I have included her family beside her in blue, a reminder that they are a constant presence in her life regardless of whether she lives with them or not. Go chica go… Mexico is calling you!






She is 17 years old and was born in Potosi. From the accident she doens’t remember anything anymore. Of what she knows is that she was 3 years old when it happened and she was home alone with her older brother. Her grandmom found them but that came to late for her. She is seriously burned in her face and several parts of her body.

Something special about her is that she is very gentle, sweet and very creative girl. She first and foremost wants to help out the animals in the street (I assume in Bolivia). She has a caring soul and I can see this working out for her in the future. She always wants to continue painting always (I think this is highly possible as she is a fantastic artist, taking lots of time and care with her works). I envision her painting Mt Fuji – as she also wants to travel to Japan!




He is 13 years old and has a very warm character. He wants to be a doctor when he grows up. He also wants to be a mechanic! And as he loves purple I decided to paint him a beautiful purple convertible. Dream big boy, your future is so bright!





Thank you so much Aleks for all the inspiration you have brought to Bolivia! And remember what Les Brown says: “Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours”. Shoot for the stars, cause the world is waiting for an amazing and fabulous artist and dream collector! Buena suerte!

Ps. Would you like to get inspired more? Visit Aleks her Instagram page where she collects all the dreams she paints: dreams_please