The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

 – Lao Tzu – 

It is said that there are 3 Cs in life: Choice, Chance and Change. One must make a choice of taking a chance so that things can change.

In 2016, Lisan made the choice of coming back to Bolivia to see how we could help.
Analysing the feasibility of implementing her foundation, Lisan was quickly inspired by how much Bolivians need help but also by how much interest her project brought in Cochabamba, leading her to meet numerous local and foreign stakeholders willing to join forces and work together towards a common goal.

Therefore, in 2017, we took the chance lying in front of us to get involved in helping Bolivians get a better life. And what an experience it has been! After a successful charity dinner in Holland and getting our certificate as an official NGO, Lisan made her way back to Cochabamba to implement the project.

We reinforced our role and position with the three centres we work with, we have held a successful women empowerment (KALLPA meaning strength in Quechua) day reinforcing our positive impact with these centres, and have engaged with local and impactful associations willing and looking forward to accompanying us on our journey.

KALLPA was an important milestone for us as it proved the deep engagement of local volunteers believing in our project: this event was mainly organised over a month by Bolivian Natalia Salinas Müller, involving over 10 local enterprises who donated us food, materials, gifts for the participants and a location, and 20 volunteers on the D-day.

“KALLPA was an important milestone for us as it proved the deep engagement of local volunteers believing in our project”.

We were also very proud to welcome our very first volunteers, Karina Heemskerk a dance therapist from Holland and Aleks Allison a to become art therapist from Australia, whose experiences was very positive and helped us understand how to integrate and manage volunteers.

The past weeks we’ve hit a tough road with some of the centres, forcing us to rethink our work strategy with them and make sure that for the future we’re aligned with the same objectives and work ethics.

Hence in 2018, taking our troubles patiently, and knowing better how to tackle the slow local bureaucracy and the cultural way of doing, we’re confident in the positive change our foundation will consolidate in order to be more effective and impactful. We’re looking forward to welcoming new volunteers (6 already scheduled from all over the world), communicate more about our foundation through a better communication strategy and new charity dinners, reinforce our new work strategy with each centres, and mostly be able to analyse over a year of work our overall therapeutic impact in our different centres.

And beyond 2018 we hope to be strong and ready enough to reinforce our support in different important fields such as better healthcare prevention and educational programs.



To this date we feel still so ever grateful to be able to bring our passion to helping others and be lucky enough to impact local communities around Cochabamba. For sure it is going to be a long journey to be fully implemented, aptly impactful and sustainable locally yet the journey is always more enriching and rewarding than the goal itself.

We deeply believe in our project, its positive impact and how it can really enhance the life of local communities in Bolivia. We also believe that as soon as you believe in your own project, then so will everyone.

So in 2018 are you ready to believe in us and join us for an impactful year!