Late October 2017 we were honoured to receive a very special invitation from our favourite Art Teacher, Ursula Figueroa, from the American International School Bolivia (AISB): to take a part with our Project Mosoj in the Pieces for Peace Exhibition organised by New York CITYarts 

What is CITYarts exactly?

CITYarts connects youth and artists to improve their communities through the creation of public art, both locally and internationally. Pieces for Peace is a CITYarts initiative that encourages youth from around the world to join in the creation of a collective art project centred around cultural understanding and global peace.  We were cordially invited to help bring this initiative to Bolivia.


What does Pieces for Peace do?

The goal of the Pieces for Peace initiative is to bring together youth aged ten to twenty from around the world, to foster cultural understanding and tolerance. Through Pieces for Peace workshops, youth create 6”X6” art pieces that answer the question “What does peace look like to me?” Through this exercise, they are encouraged to think about what peace is, how they perceive it, what their hopes are for the future, and how can they visually express their ideas in drawings, paintings, and poems. These artworks are then displayed in our online exhibition and could also potentially be selected to become part of our international traveling exhibition, which has been showcased in venues around the world such as the United Nations headquarters in New York City, USA. and the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. To date, we have held workshops in over 70 countries, displayed our Pieces for Peace international traveling exhibition in 12 countries, and created mosaic peace walls in 5 countries involving over 6,000 youth already. At CITYarts we think globally but act locally.


Pintar en Bolivia & Pieces for Peace

By deciding to enter this initiative, Pintar en Bolivia offers the chance to the youth of Bolivia to create artworks that will connect them with hundreds of participants from around the world, giving them an opportunity of an opening on the world.

We were lucky enough to count on the support of our local volunteer and supervisor of project Mosoj, Mauricio aka “Mauri”, who took over the work and coordinated this project together with Ursula. He managed how to organise the workshop, but also support and lead the kids in creating their own ‘Pieces for Peace artwork’. We can already say that we are very proud of Mauri how he managed this himself.


Mauri tells about the workshop ‘Pieces for Peace’ with the kids

As finding peace is a theme that we often discuss and try to work around with the kids, we were happy to see that they were all eager to participate in this workshop.
Mauri started to explain them what was expected from them which is as simple as drawing an artwork about what peace means to them.

As the children were struggling to start drawing, Mauri initiated a conversation about what peace means to them.  He decided to share his perception of peace, showing them that everybody might have their own vision and that there’s no shame in being unsure how to express it. Mauri explained that to him peace means feeling in harmony and tranquility with yourself and others, as well as something or some time when you feel happy. For this particular reason the kids were asked not to look for ideas on the internet for their drawings, but to draw something that would make them happy and feel “at peace” with themselves. These drawing had to come from their own expression and not others.

By sharing this with them we think it helped them to feel free and without limits to draw or paint whatever they think that ‘peace’ means to them. Once they felt confident enough, they starte working and concentrating on their artwork.


The results

Most of the artworks were around common themes such as Christmas, family, finding their way home or feelings and themes that is in line with their age. Seeing their age Mauri reckons that they have pretty good ideas already about what peace personally means for them and that deserve to be expressed with a colourful and optimist drawing.

Some of the artworks we would like to share with you: