We all move forward when we recognize how resilient and striken the women around us are.
– Rupi Kaur


March 8th, the ‘International Women’s Day’, an extremely important day for the women in the shelter. A day of recognition for ALL women who have experience violence of any form.

The 20th, of April the Pintar en Bolivia Foundation, together with the shelter, organized an exhibition, called ‘I am a woman, my story also counts’, in honor for the ‘International Women’s Day’. The exhibition showed the work from the ArtTherapy sessions, that we offer at the shelter. The idea to such event came up when the women painted a personal art work about themselves, inspired by the ‘International Women’s Day’ in March.

Women who have passed through the shelter, and those currently staying there, got the opportunity to show the outside world (Cochabamba) their work; as well as how Art Therapy has helped or is helping them overcome some of their issues, how they found or are finding strength to move forward into a brighter future. Through the art they displayed and learnt about their strength, their feelings, dreams, qualities, ambitions and most of importantly: their rights.

In the exhibition, the art works of the women was anonymous and had a description with very little personal details. Alongside the work was the explanation of the exercises, its goals, process and results.


Organizing this exhibition

The goal of organizing this exhibition was to create a mid-term review, in which the women will be invited to reflect on their ‘therapy and personal process’ –  analysing of their ‘artistic’ process. Another important goal was to spread information about art therapy, and raise awareness about its positive results.

During the exhibition

The women were invited to reflect on their own works and process throughout ‘evaluation forms’ they have received. The visitors were taken through the exhibition, getting an impression of the art therapeutic offer, process and its results.


In general, the exhibition is for all the women who join and have joined the art therapy session and for all the helpers from the shelter where we offer this project. However, in order for the Bolivian people to learn about Art Therapy and spread the word, about the enormous positive effects it provides to these abused women, we also invited lawyers, artists, teachers, psychologists and helpers from other NGOs and more.

Good to know

The exhibition was organised by the shelter with our help. The idea came originally from them. They wanted to show people how much these women benefit from art therapy,  how hugely it helps them gain confidence, look forward and have hope for a brighter future. They eventually want to help us bring Art therapy to another level in Bolivia, and create the first Art Therapy Association within Bolivia.


The women got a better understanding of their growing process. This exhibition allowed self-reflection and consciousness of one’s work and progress, an important step of reinforcing one’s confidence and personal strength; the event empowered them, a moment and feeling that will hopefully stay with them for the rest of their lives. Ultimately, by showcasing these results to the ‘Cochabambinos’ we expect more interest in introducing and in eventually implementing of art therapy in the rest of Bolivia.

Image: Caption this! Women who put their effort into empowering women!


The visitors of the exhibition where able to join and experience some Art therapy themselves. Under the guidance of Art Therapist Lisan the workshop was a great succes!