To us, helping those in need is as simple as giving them hope and a right of dignity to fight for a brighter future.


When Red del Sur contacted us to put together a project benefiting the most vulnerable families in the south area of Cochabamba, we hadn’t yet realised how urgent the need was, nor the critical conditions in which the families over there live.


*Juliana is a 45-year-old single mother, living in one of the poorest districts of Cochabamba. The father of her children is in jail for having sexually and physically abused the children. Juliana is now the main breadwinner in the family, and she supports four of her children aged between 3 to 24. Juliana and the four children all share one bedroom and one bathroom.

For 4 months in Bolivia, the government imposed a strict lockdown to prevent coronavirus infections. Bolivian citizens were only permitted to leave their house one morning a week to do essential shopping. Juliana normally earns her living selling coca leaves (traditionally chewed or used in tea in Bolivia). As a result of the strict lockdown she earned no income and truly little help from the government to support her family (only €61 per children below 18).

Juliana desperately needs help to feed her children and to provide them with essential hygienic supplies.


*Maria is a single mother who lives in a small, rented house with her two daughters. After being abandoned by her husband, Maria was sexually abused by a stranger. Normally she supports her family by knitting traditional Bolivian clothes called “Aguayos”. Currently she is unable to sell the aguayos and cannot buy food or other basic necessities.

Maria and her daughters do not have running water in the house – and they urgently need hygienic supplies to protect themselves from infection. They wash themselves using small pots and drinking glasses as they do not have a shower or bath.

Maria has overcome a lot of suffering and challenges to be able to provide food and shelter for her daughters. During this difficult period when she is unable to earn a living, she urgently needs food and hygienic supplies for herself and her daughters.


That’s why it matters because we believe that by each playing a role in fighting against poverty and hunger, the life of Juliana, Maria, and so many more will be brighter and that one day stories like theirs won’t be a reality anymore.


*Please note that for privacy reasons, the names have been changed.

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