Family Relief Project report

The global pandemic has greatly affected Bolivia’s already fragile economic and social situation. Most Bolivians are employed in casual labour and the Bolivian healthcare system has collapsed. The government has closed the education system for the academic year, meaning that most Bolivian children will have no further access to education this year. The collaborating projects […]

Why does our Family Relief Project matter?

  To us, helping those in need is as simple as giving them hope and a right of dignity to fight for a brighter future.   When Red del Sur contacted us to put together a project benefiting the most vulnerable families in the south area of Cochabamba, we hadn’t yet realised how urgent the […]

Who said a pandemic would stop us?

Family Relief Project   In July 2020, Pintar en Bolivia provided the most vulnerable families in Cochabamba with essential food donation, a sanitary kit and an educative manual about covid-19 to help them stay afloat and overcome the pandemic’s aftermath. These families live in the poorer districts of the city and normally rely on a […]

Día de Peaton and Anita’s Dream!

-By Mia Hall- Throughout the world, environmental sustainability is become an increasingly debated topic; we are living in a moment where little by little, people are beginning to realise real change is the answer. Bolivia is a country with huge levels of plastic pollution, present throughout its streets, supermarket packaging, etc. Our volunteer Vera, upon […]

Pintar en Bolivia on French TV!

-By Emilia Hall- We are very excited to say that in December, Pintar en Bolivia was invited for the first time to French regional TV! And what’s more, we now have a subtitled version we can share for you to enjoy! Violaine, who is part of our wonderful business team in Europe , was invited […]

An insight into Project Kallpa

Dance Workshop

-By Emilia Hall- Project Kallpa is Pintar en Bolivia’s Women Empowerment project. Kallpa (meaning “strength” in Quechua) offers support to vulnerable women within the city of Cochabamba, using art therapy as a tool geared towards self-expression. The project does this in a number of ways; for example, our cookery workshop Siente Cochabamba is part of […]

Silvie’s inspirational talk at project T’ikay

-by Emilia Hall-   Bolivia, as we’ve mentioned in previous posts, is a country that has a restrictive taboo surrounding the topic of mental health. And this is something that becomes more and more apparent to us when working in Project T’ikay, a project that offers psychological support to children suffering the aftermath of severe […]

A sneak peek into Project T’ikay

-by Emilia Hall-   T’ikay: in Quechua, meaning to flourish, to bloom. And this is exactly what Pintar en Bolivia’s Project T’ikay aims to do. Working in a local centre that houses children who have suffered from severe and traumatic burns, the project encourages the emotional capacity and growth of the patients we work with […]

Inspirational talk: día de la mujer

-by Emilia Hall-   The morning of Día de la Mujer found our usually sunny Cochabamba under a rare rainy day. Making our way to CBA (Centro Bolivianio Americano, a socially focused school that teaches English), we worried somewhat about attendance…for if there’s one thing Cochabambinos hate, it’s rain. What if everyone stayed sheltered at […]

Art Break Day n°1

  On the 7th of September 2018 Pintar en Bolivia organised a community event called Art Break Day in Parque Lincoln Cochabamba. Art Break Days is an international event that takes place once a year in the first week of September in over 203 communities worldwide. The concept of this 7 hours long activity is […]