Blog Article: Quality game based on quality cards

– by Aleks Allison –   The use of quality cards to strengthen their self-esteem and self-confidence!   Last Saturday we played a quality game with the kids. We offered this intervention in order to work forward with the kids to strengthen their self-esteem and self-confidence. The last two months we’ve worked forward with several personal […]

Pieces For Peace Exhibition

  Late October 2017 we were honoured to receive a very special invitation from our favourite Art Teacher, Ursula Figueroa, from the American International School Bolivia (AISB): to take a part with our Project Mosoj in the Pieces for Peace Exhibition organised by New York CITYarts  What is CITYarts exactly? CITYarts connects youth and artists to […]

A Happy New PINTAR Year!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  – Lao Tzu –  It is said that there are 3 Cs in life: Choice, Chance and Change. One must make a choice of taking a chance so that things can change. In 2016, Lisan made the choice of coming back to Bolivia to […]

Donation by Nutribebé – Sigma corp.

Donation by Nutribebé – Sigma corp. Bags of Nutri Bebé donated by the company Sigma corp (located in Cochabamba, Bolivia). At the end of 2017 the foundation received a fabulous donation of around 100 bags of Nutribebé, that is part of Sigma corp. (located in Cochabamba, Bolivia). Nutribebé is a complementary food to breast milk […]

Paint the future: dreams by Aleks Allison

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.  -Harriet Tubman-   An inspiring month full of colourful dreams   For October we focused on the theme of dreams, as it was a great passion […]

Fabulous local support by Milcar Srl. Bolivia

  Happy and greatful! We are very happy! Because also this year, a great support by Milcar srl (located in Cochabamba, Bolivia) who gave a fabulous donation to our foundation! Muchas gracias MILCAR. Pintar en Bolivia and everyone we are putting our effort for is more than greatful for this wonderful donation? Estamos super feliz! […]

Happy International Volunteer Day!

Proud of our team of Volunteers! Today is the International Volunteer Day! And that means that The Pintar en Bolivia Foundation wants to thank all her volunteers who are involved and who put their effort, their love, their energy, their passion, their valuable time and so much more in our Foundation so we can grow, […]

Atrapa de sueños (dreamcatchers). The use of indigenous Art within Art Therapy

-by Aleks Allison-   Project Mosoj (center for burned children) After speaking to the children about their dreams during the ‘diario de sueños’ (dream journal) activity (click here to read about their dream journals) a few kids made comments about experiencing bad dreams. Elba even wrapped her journal up so that it could not be opened […]

Diario de sueños (my dream journal)

  Together with the kids we made dream journals. Every child was free in the way they wanted to express themselves through their dream journal. A few of the dreams from some of the kids, we will share with you: 1. Anita is dreaming of helping all the homeless animals in the streets of Bolivia […]

KALLPA Women Empowerment Workshop

-by Lisan van der Wal-   On 11 November 2017, the KALLPA project was officially launched with its first workshop session. KALLPA (meaning ‘strength’ in Quechua, the most widely spoken indigenous language in Bolivia) is an project that fosters empowerment within girls and young women living in Cochabamba. The first workshop created for KALLPA provided […]