We are currently collecting donations for the Family Relief Project, as well as other projects that will bring joy and relief to many Bolivian families.

The Family Relief Project has so far helped 25 Families stay afloat with food and hygiene donations during this difficult time that Covid has created for them. Many families are in an existential crisis and these donations bring hope into a hopeless situation. These families have expressed deep gratitude for every single donation and many have been overcome with emotions when receiving their food and hygiene package.


Donate and help us reach more families with donations.

The money collected does also fund other projects of our as well as fixed costs of the NGO.


Tuna (10 cans) = 8 euros
Bag of rice (10 kilos) = 10 euros
A food package (1 family) = 40 euros
A food and hygiene package (1 Family) = 60 euros

We believe in maintaining a transparent relationship with both our partners and supporters. For this reason, we will publish every year financial reports to explain how we use our resources, and to which purpose your money is being carefully used for.


All donations received are constantly re-invested in the project to further develop the NGO and make it self-sustainable.

To this date, everybody involved in our project, to the exception of our Founder who receives a voluntary fee of 125€ per month, does so on a voluntary basis. The rest of the funds received cover the following costs:

An office

For meetings, trainings, workshops and courses

And where our project manager lives

A team of volunteers

A volunteer team of 10 people in the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, England and Bolivia are fully involved in the Pintar’s work

Art Therapy Sessions

Professional psychosocial support through Arts Therapy for at least 50 children and women

Permanent Project Manager

Lisan, our permanent project manager in Bolivia, is responsible for and takes care of our organization

Art material

Artistic materials for all projects: art therapy, recurring events, punctual events, culinary workshops ect.

Other costs

Other costs such as: service costs, inventory costs and maintenance of the website

Thank you for helping us build a better future for these children and women! We also accept any kind of tangible and material donations. Thank you for contacting us to arrange it.

De Stichting Pintar en Bolivia is een Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI).

Naam instelling: Stichting Pintar en Bolivia

Fiscaal nummer (RSIN): 857629013

Contactgegevens: Stichting Pintar en Bolivia, Kanaalstraat 20 C, 3531 CK Utrecht / + 31 65768186


Floor Oosterlee – Voorzitter

Marianne van der Giessen – Penningmeester

Annette de Jong – Secretaris 

Beloningsbeleid: de bestuursleden ontvangen voor hun werkzaamheden geen beloning.

ANBI status


Financial report 2018