Cómo Pintar en Bolivia celebra el ‘Día Internacional de la Mujer’.

-By Lisan van der Wal   We will not keep our silence anymore! It’s time for us women to unite and make ourselves strong! During one of the weekly Art Therapy sessions I was undertaking at a shelter for women victims of sexual-, physical-, psychological- and economical violence, I asked the participants to choose an […]

Juego de calidad basado en cartas de calidad

– by Aleks Allison –   The use of quality cards to strengthen their self-esteem and self-confidence!   Last Saturday we played a quality game with the kids. We offered this intervention in order to work forward with the kids to strengthen their self-esteem and self-confidence. The last two months we’ve worked forward with several personal […]

Enfoque: Historias de los Artistas.

-by Rebeca Aguilar Walkley-   Art as a language This woman from the rural and isolated area of Bolivia, 34 years of age, only speaks Quechua (one of Bolivia’s indigenous languages). Before coming to the house she lived with her 4 children and other family in countryside house, which was just one room. The conditions […]

¡Qué mujeres son!

– by Rebeca Aguilar Walkley –   What are your needs as a woman? What are your rights as a woman? How does it feel to be a woman? What makes you powerful? What makes you beautiful? What are your qualities?   I expected these questions to be challenging for the women at the shelter. […]

Lea sobre la experiencia de Rebeca como voluntaria en Pintar en Bolivia

-by Rebeca Alguilar Walkley- I am a graphic designer, half spanish half english, who embarked on a 6 month travel across south america. Prior to leaving, I was eager to do a volunteer job or two while away; after weeks of google searching I came across Pintar en Bolivia, who were calling upon graphic designers […]

Enfoque: Historias de los Artistas!

-by Rebeca Alguilar Walkley-   Art allows the unspeakable to be spoken. – Artwell Art Therapy This young lady never had much care from her mother, who spent a lot time in a psychiatric centres. Her violent stepfather took care of her. On top of that, her recently born son was diagnosed with a heart […]

Exposición de arte: «Soy una mujer, mi historia también cuenta».

We all move forward when we recognize how resilient and striken the women around us are. – Rupi Kaur   March 8th, the ‘International Women’s Day’, an extremely important day for the women in the shelter. A day of recognition for ALL women who have experience violence of any form. The 20th, of April the Pintar en Bolivia […]

La aventura de Chris con Pintar en Bolivia

-by Chris Lucas-   I am a musician from Australia and I have been in Bolivia for three weeks now, and have throughly enjoyed my time here so far. Although a walk through Cochabamba makes it easy to see that a large sector of the population is living in poverty, I have been pleasantly surprised […]

Día del Arte n°1

  On the 7th of September 2018 Pintar en Bolivia organised a community event called Art Break Day in Parque Lincoln Cochabamba. Art Break Days is an international event that takes place once a year in the first week of September in over 203 communities worldwide. The concept of this 7 hours long activity is […]

Charla de inspiración: Día de la Mujer

-by Emilia Hall-   The morning of Día de la Mujer found our usually sunny Cochabamba under a rare rainy day. Making our way to CBA (Centro Bolivianio Americano, a socially focused school that teaches English), we worried somewhat about attendance…for if there’s one thing Cochabambinos hate, it’s rain. What if everyone stayed sheltered at […]