Family Relief Project

The Family Relief Project aims at supporting the most vulnerable with food and hygiene supplies. Due to Covid-19 many families in Cochabamba, Bolivia have found themselves with no income to purchase food or hygienic supplies. Therefore, many families are in an existential crisis. This project provides aid where it is most needed and brings hope to many families.


Many poor families rely on a small day-to-day income but the strict lockdown, to contain the pandemic, made it impossible for them to earn a living. Moreover, many have no savings and sometimes no access to running water.
These families already suffered from a lack of access to good education and health care before the pandemic, now the situation has been greatly exacerbated.


Pintar en Bolivia created food and hygiene packages that will provide relief for a family for two months. These food packages include rice, pasta, oatmeal, cooking oil and other basic essentials. Moreover, emergency sanitation & hygienic supplies to protect themselves from infection, such as reusable masks and sanitizer gel, are included in an aid package. We made sure that every family member knows how to use the sanitation supplies to clean their hands and foods.


We are not only providing food and hygiene supplies but also a manual that informs in an understandable and practical way about Covid-19. We translated the manual into Quechua, the most spoken indigenous language in Bolivia, so it would reach as many people as possible. On the cover of the manual, there is a Cholita (a Bolivian woman dressed in traditional clothing), since many Bolivian women are Cholitas they enjoyed the attention. The manual has been very well received.


A complete Family Relief package costs 60 euros.

Key impacts

Provide food

Having access to food is a human right. Nevertheless, many people now in Bolivia cannot afford to feed their children and themselves because of Covid-19.

Provide hygiene essentials

Hygiene products are expensive and many places do not have running water.  We provide hygiene essentials to help a family to stay safe and healthy during the global pandemic.

Inform about Covid-19

Many people have no access to correct information about Covid-19 and have not had the privilege to enjoy an education on hygiene. With our manual families learn about Covid-19, how to prevent an infection and recognize the symptoms.

Give hope

The Pintar en Bolivia food and hygiene packages give hope to families in a very difficult situation.

First round of donations

The first round of distributing the Family Relief Packages was impactful and emotional. Many families were tearful when receiving their package of aid and the team of Pintar en Bolivia felt very grateful for being able to help in this crisis.

The first round of donations was executed in August 2020 where we were able to provide aid packages to 25 families.

Manual Covid


A lot of time, energy and effort went into the preparation of the Family Relief Project. Especially since Bolivia was still in lockdown mobilising people and buying food and hygiene supplies was challenging. Nevertheless, the Pintar en Bolivia team managed successfully to acquire all the needed supplies for the relief packages and communicated a meeting point with the 25 receiving families.

Cholita con manual


The days of handing out the Family Relief Packages were successful and overwhelming. We realized once again how much help is needed and that some families are living in a very difficult situation. Many families now do not have enough food and are in an existential crisis. The receiving families were very grateful and some became tearful with emotions.

Family Relief Project


This project has brought a lot of hope to many families in a hopeless situation. We have helped 25 families to stay afloat with food and hygiene supplies and they were immensely grateful for the much-needed support during this difficult time. Especially Helena, a grandmother that cares by herself for her grandchildren, expressed deep gratitude for the food donations, saying ``it is like they have fallen from heaven``.

The example of Family Gomez

Juliana is a 45-year-old single mother, living in one of the poorest districts of Cochabamba. The father of her children is in jail for having sexually and physically abused the children. Juliana is now the main breadwinner in the family and she supports four of her children aged between 3 to 24. She and the four children all share one bedroom and one bathroom. For the past two months in Bolivia, the government has imposed a strict lockdown to prevent coronavirus infections. Bolivian citizens are only permitted to leave their house one morning a week to do essential shopping. Juliana normally earns her living selling coca leaves (traditionally chewed or used in tea in Bolivia). As a result of the strict lockdown, she has no income and no way to support her family. Juliana desperately needs help in order to feed her children and in order to provide them with essential hygienic supplies.


The family Relief Package will provide food and hygiene supplies for her children and her for two months.


(To protect privacy the names have been changed.)