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Hear about Ali’s and Stef’s experience at Pintar en Bolivia and why they think you should also get invovled!

Great projects come along with a great team!


Pintar en Bolivia is a NGO that offers unique and unforgettable volunteering experience.

If you are interested in going to Bolivia, improving your Spanish, working with young women and children and having the time of your life, this is your chance! We have worked with a wide range of volunteers from different countries and would love to welcome new volunteers who bring unique experiences and skills to enrich the team.

Experience and interest in the following fields are useful: Art Therapy, psychology, pedagogy, artists, social word, teaching, media and communication and administration.


Bring about change with us!

We are looking for:


  • Graphic designer, minimum stay 1-3 month
  • Fundraiser and grant writer, minimum stay 3 months
  • Photographer and video editor, minimum stay 1-3 month
  • Journalist or writer, minimum stay 3 months
  • Communication volunteer, minimum stay 3 months
  • Volunteer for Porject Siente who speaks Spanish and English, is social, curious and enjoys interacting with locals and tourists – and loves food!



Volunteers need to have a basic knowledge of Spanish, for some positions a fluent speaker is necessary.
Additionally, you should enjoy working in teams, interact with different people, be open and social.

Due to Covid-19 we are currently not welcoming any volunteers from abroad and are focusing on local volunteers from Bolivia.

Nevertheless, contact us if you are interested in supporting us online or would like to volunteer in the future!

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Life in Bolivia

Bolivia is located in the centre of South-America. For this reason, Bolivia is mentioned as the ‘heart of South America’ and because of it’s natural beauty, also known as ‘the pearl of South America’.


Travelling through this country is a real discovery for anyone who loves to travel! The rugged landscapes, the powerful colours, and a diverse and authentic culture make you feel like you are standing in the middle of discovering a very pure country!


Bolivia has a handful of natural wonders which makes the country worth a visit! It holds a very rich culture, sometimes still untouched, colourful traditions, people of extreme kindness (as well as people with whom you’ll have to be patient to be well treated!), an interesting social diversity, colourful markets, a cheap and laid-back lifestyle, and an ease of mobility enabling one to easily visit the country. Bolivia is also known as a great place to enhance or learn Spanish, thanks to the gentle, clear and chanting way of speaking Spanish.