Leadership Program

This ambitious new Leadership Program for Young Women is designed to help young women acquire essential skills to use later in their private life and workspace. This program is directed towards work in the kitchen and culinary spaces. Since Cochabamba is the capital of food in Bolivia this program will serve them purpose in their lives. Over the course of working with women, we have identified three areas where education brings about the biggest impact on their lives.

Education on Hygiene and Cooking

This program will teach young women how to keep their workspace clean, teach nutritional knowledge and help them take full advantage of their culinary skills.

Administration and Finances

Every participant will be able to organise and calculate ingredients needed in a kitchen and be able to make financially wise decisions regarding their budget.

Leadership and Communication

An expert will teach skills in leadership and communication in order to work on personal and professional development. Skills such as organising a workshop, speaking in front of groups and gathering and assessing feedback are taught.

This program will be divided into 3 modules focusing on the above-mentioned topics and every module will be taught by a local or international expert. After successful completion of the Leadership Program, the participant will receive a certificate that is testimony of their acquired skills.


This program seeks to not only educate on a professional level but also on a personal. Aim is to  improve leadership, administrative and financial skills in their work and private life. These young women are mothers or will probably once be, we encourage them to use their newly acquired skills daily and to transfer them naturally onto their children and other family members.


Education is the fundation for growth and success. This Leadership Program will give young women the fundation to build their own ambitious projects.


The aprticipants will be equipped with the appropiate skills for their needs and environment. Skills to use in the work private spaces in order to grow personally and professionally.


The implementation of the learned skills is at a focus. After successful completion the young women are encouraged to use their acquiered skills confidently and to inspire the people around them.

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