Art is more than drawing, it is knowing yourself from inside

El arte es más que dibujar, es conocerse por dentro ​​

Leadership program

Based on a vision of a world where art serves as a tool for self-expression and transformation of communities, Pintar en Bolivia developed a creative youth leadership program, which details you can find below. We train local organizations to implement this youth leadership program in their own context. Together, we’re supporting a new generation of leaders to express themselves and guide them to create inclusive solutions within their community.


A 2-month leadership program based on the Japanese concept of IKIGAI which tool and method helps one to find purpose and bliss in life. Our program focuses on personal leadership and project management skills particularly.



16% of young adults in Bolivia are unemployed. The educational system lacks attention to personal development and creative expressions, impeding youngsters to explore their talents and to make an appropriate use of the latter for their communities. 


Over the span of 10 sessions, and involving local artists to contribute to our workshops, our local trainer Andrea leads the participants through a variety of reflective and artistic activities to dig deep into their personal strength and entrepreneurial potential. The five modules of our program cover the following topics: introspection, analysis of their environment, awakening of impactful and creative solutions, action plan & project management, and leadership workshops.

For whom?

Bolivian youth aged 16-20 yrs. old living in restricted financial situation, limiting their access to personal development support.


Our train-the-trainer program enables us to bring our project beyond our own boundaries. By collaborating with local institutions and training their staff in becoming leadership mentors, we expand our work by enabling these new trainers to provide the program in their own centres, amplifying the general impact for communities in Cochabamba.