Donation by Nutribebé – Sigma corp.

Bags of Nutri Bebé donated by the company Sigma corp (located in Cochabamba, Bolivia).

At the end of 2017 the foundation received a fabulous donation of around 100 bags of Nutribebé, that is part of Sigma corp. (located in Cochabamba, Bolivia). Nutribebé is a complementary food to breast milk and daily food for children between 6 and 23 months. We’ve distributed our donation to more then 70 children and women in Cochabamba. We are very proud to have received this donation from a local supporter and that thanks their generous donation, we’ve been able to give the Nutribebé to so many children, women and families who really needs it

Art Exhibition: ‘I am a woman, my story also counts!’.

 Art Exhibition in Cochabamba We all move forward when we recognize how resilient and striken the women around us are. - Rupi Kaur  I am a woman, my story also counts! March 8th, the ‘International Women's Day', an extremely important day for the women in the shelter....

Business Strategy Online!

Pintar en Bolivia is feeling excited as we are putting our Business Strategy for the next upcoming years, online!   Enjoy reading! Click here: Business Strategy Pintar en Bolivia...

Focus: Stories of the Artists!

Stories of the Artists! Art allows the unspeakable to be spoken. - Artwell Art Therapy Author: Rebeca Aguilar Walkley This young lady never had much care from her mother, who spent a lot time in a psychiatric centres. Her violent stepfather took care of her. On top of...

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