Project T’ikay Post 18

The aspiring Projejt T’ikay Post 18 supports young adults who have suffered traumatic events and are off age. After reaching 18 years the Bolivian health system cannot support them anymore, which for some has been home for several years. The families of these young adults cannot or do not want to support them because they might live far away, are poor or have abandoned them.

These young people have made tremendous progress with resolving their traumas and recovering from their physical and emotional injuries we don’t want to see them lose perspective and hope, so we set up the Project T’ikay Post 18 to continue supporting them with psychological and financial support.

Our first beneficiary of this project is Ana-Isabel. She has suffered severe burns during her childhood but has regained her strength and is following her dream of becoming an architect.

To support her career financially we have been manufacturing and selling sustainable bags that bear different designs made by Ana-Isabel. Women who receive a fair wage manufacture these bags and all the profits generated are used to support Ana-Isabel.

Such a project is ambitious and required support in many forms. Support in form of donations are very welcomed and needed as well as the purchase of one of our beautiful ecological bags.


Not only do we want to support her financially but it is essential for us to help Ana-Isabel become financially independent, overcome personal issues and grow into a strong and happy woman.

One of our main priorities is not only helping the ones who suffered traumatic events but preventing further accidents and abusive relationships. Through this project and the mother project T’ikay we spread awareness and teach children and parents about health, emotional well-being and the tools to lead a fulfilled life.

This project beings about change through:


Supporting young adults fulfill their potential once the health system cannot give them a home and support anymore.

Fair wages

Manufacturing bags that benefit the woman manufacturing them as well as Ana-Isabel. The women manufacturing the bags receive fair wages and the profits support Ana-Isabel’s developement.

Reaching dreams

Helping the beneficiaries create a sustainable and independent life for themselves and reach their dreams. The goal is to enable these young adults to live a happy and independent life.


Spreading awareness about traumatic events, accidents and relationships – the best way of preventing traumas is through informing and educating parents and children.

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