Educational Program



Within the time frame of 2018/2019 Pintar en Bolivia wants to start a brand new program:
The Educational Program!


In co-operation with our project partner ‘Servicio de voluntarias damas de rosado’, whose purpose is to help ill children living off scares resources in hospitals around Cochabamba. They take actions in 7 medical services helping the children and their families through a variety of activites: entertainment, obtaining medications, raising money for surgeries, psycological support or teaching parents how to use simple resources to gain money and pay for their children’s treatments.
This group of women, have more than 30 years of experience and knowledge of the country, the culture and the people. We believe that by combining our knowledge, culture and experience with theirs we can work together to address societal and cultural issues.

English educational program

We pride ourselves in seeing the kids involved with our work by often asking for longer sessions to draw and create. Another question we’re often asked is: “Me puedes enseñar Inglés?” (“Can you teach me English?”). There’s clearly a gap in the public educational system, wher every few schools teach English. We believe that in order for our action to be fully useful to the children,, we have at some point to further support them by taking action where the educational system fails. Teaching them English will help at many levels:

  • Education is a way to open up and enchance cognitive capacities, also increasing self-confidence
  • Connecting the children with volunteers in a different way, allowing for a better cultural exchange and learning sessions
  • Give them something to hang on to, despite all their issues at home and school
  • Give them a better chan at new opportunites in the future

Educational information sessions

Another way to reinforce the chidren’s education will be to educate them on social issues in order to especially counteract bullying. Indeed many children don’t understand why others are sick, have scars, bold heads, or suffer from social isolation and make fun of them. This results to kids quiting school to avoid being bullied. Aside from fighting bullying we believe it is important that these kids are taught about causes and effects of diseases, basic hygiene rules, and burn prevention. Parents can of course also benefit of such education, especially when it comes to preventing harm and burns around home.

In a second time, another issue we would like to adress is racism and the importance of acknowledging the diversity of the society we live in and the need of respecting each other.


If anyone feels like he or she could bring value to this project by sharing with us ideas, knowledge, contacts, pedagogical methods, pedagogical materials to help communicate with the children or anything else, we would love to hear from you!

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