Nice Sunrise!



The concern

In cochabamba, between 16 and 20 kids are admitted monthly in Viedma (the poorest facility) for burn treatments, and between 1000 and 1200 operations are executed per year! Burnt kids here isn’t only an issue of kids getting burnt by playing with fire or by hot liquids by accident, but many kids get deeply burnt due to some lack of education, cultural traditions or incidents. Examples include: kids living in the countryside getting thrown into fire by monkey, kids falling into a campfire during a traditional celebration due to a lack of protection, children having similar incident in poor homes where the kitchen as so poorly equipped that the fire is set in the middle of the room, children getting burnt from hot liquids because they have to help in the kitchen, kids being treated with hot stones due to cultural beliefs, kids put into a too hot bath due to lack of education and so much more! These kids are treated according to available resources. Many keep scars for the rest of their lives.


Our action

Through the action of Pintar en Bolivia we want to help these children regain their physical and psychological confidence. We want to help them reintegrate social life by helping them accept ‘new situations’ and ‘changes’ that have occured. The Arts therapy gives them the tools to experiment, feel free and communicatie in a non-verbal way, and hopefully regain confidence in themselves and the place they hold in society to fight for their futures.

We also hope one day to be able to take action in burn-prevention classes.


About the location

The Mosj Punchai centre, which means Nice Sunrise, welcomes and treatsup to 20 children aged 4 to 16 who have been severly burnt and previously treated at the hospital. This centre focuses on taking care of the children’s rehabilitation, which can take up to a few years after the incident: psychological support, physiotherapist, and education. Taking action to collaborate on psychological support, we hold arts therapy sessions a few times a week.

























































“From the bottom of my heart it hurts to see children who suffer, they are innocent and do not deserve all that pain they have to endure, and while I can not do miracles, at least I want to contribute in everything I can to change a sad face into a smily one.”



Mauricio, medicine student / PEB coordinator at Mosoj


We our proud to have been able to set up a local volunteer team to help us in our cause. The girsl take action one to twice a way, alongside their studies.

“We believe that this project has a great positive impact on the lives of these patients. Art practice during the recovery process helps patients manage their emotions, recover self-esteem and shorten recovery time. We are part of this project because we believe that this therapy helps patients and we aim to help others. This project has also enabled us to open our eyes or important issues happening right next door, which we had no idea existed!”


Camilla, Andrea, Aizha and Frances; students at the American International School of Bolivie – PEB volunteer at Mosoj

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