The Women’s House



The concern

Compared to developed countries, Bolivia still lies behind in many ways including health care, education, and breaking cultural traditions. Among many societal issues an important one remains the position of women in society. Something that is still common in Bolivia is the psychological, physical, and sexual mistreatment of women of all ages, especially women of loss social classes. Many women are denied their rights, do not have any identity papers, are sexually abused within the family, and cannot live independantly working in the streets to earn a few pesos for her family. It requires a lot of bravery for one to decide to distance herself from the family and seek for help.


Our action

With this project we decided to widen our activity field to young women in difficulties.Through the action of Pintar en Bolivia we want to help these women overcome their issues and help them to express hidden emotions and feelings, encouraging them to strengthen their self-confidence and self-esteem. Despite coming here to seek for help, many of these women go back to their difficult abused life, because it is merely simplier than standing up for their rights and strive everyday to be independant. Within the vision of PEB we think it’s important that through the action of Arts therapy, we help contribute to the empowerment, self-development and well-being of women in difficulties in Bolivia, hopefully leading them towards the right path for social reintegration.


About the location

The Centro de Atención a las Mujeres centre  (CAM) takes care of a group of women who are victims of psychological, physical-, sexual and/ or economical misuse. The women who live in this house, stay here because their own situation at home isn’t safe for them anymore or because the circumstances are so limited that they don’t have a place to call home anymore at all. CAM is a shelter for them and their children is needed, and a place helping them for social reintegration (such as getting papers of their own, trying to find a job, being independant…)



















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