“They feel empowered by their own Art.”

– Krupa Jhaveri – 



With project Kallpa we put our effort into creating a brighter future for women in Bolivia, who became victim of sexual-, physical and psychological violence. We do this by first and foremost strengthening their psychological health and eventually their overall health. The word ‘Kallpa’ means ‘strength’ in Quechua, the most spoken indigenous language in Bolivia. Strength is the key word of what we aim to bring these women in order to help them create a brighter future themselves.

Our action

With this project we decided to widen our activity field to young women in difficulties.Through the action of Pintar en Bolivia we want to help these women overcome their issues and help them to express hidden emotions and feelings, encouraging them to strengthen their self-confidence and self-esteem. Despite coming here to seek for help, many of these women go back to their difficult abused life, because it is merely simplier than standing up for their rights and strive everyday to be independant. Within the vision of PEB we think it’s important that through the action of Arts therapy, we help contribute to the empowerment, self-development and well-being of women in difficulties in Bolivia, hopefully leading them towards the right path for social reintegration.


The concern

Compared to developed countries, Bolivia still lies behind in many ways including health care, education, and breaking cultural traditions. Among many societal issues an important one remains the position of women in society. Something that is still common in Bolivia is the psychological, physical, and sexual mistreatment of women of all ages, especially women of loss social classes. Many women are denied their rights, do not have any identity papers, are sexually abused within the family, and cannot live independantly working in the streets to earn a few pesos for her family. It requires a lot of bravery for one to decide to distance herself from the family and seek for help

The three sub-projects of Kallpa

Project Kallpa is a mother project of the three different sub-projects that are in line with each other following a common goal, mission and vision. Envisioning that arts therapy encourages self-expression …help one … mission peb…
We aim to help these women to gain confidence and strength to undertake the correct path to create a better future for them. Read everything about the three sub-projects here:

Within the art therapy sessions we aim to create a safe space where there is no right or wrong way of making art. We aim to encourage the women to express themselves in order to help them gain more confidence and strengthen their self-esteem.

Why Art Therapy

  • Handling other volunteers (local or international)
  • Art expression can help these women, who suffer from violence, to express feelings throughout art and words and can create a safe space that encourage them to disclose traumatic memories.
  • Art therapy is useful in uncovering unconscious material and provides a non-verbal way for the women to ‘speak’ about the abuse.
  • Art-making can be a safe way for these ‘fragile’ women to ‘tell’ their stories, express their feelings, thoughts, memories and dreams.
  • Expression through the arts is the perfect way to communicate the devastating effects of abuse. Arts offer an optimal way to express deep feelings knowing that much of the traumatized situation is beyond words.


  • Expressing hidden feelings and emotions
  •  Facing what literally is happening by turning it into a personal art work.
  • Experiencing emotions and feeling through the artistic action.
  • Increasing self-confidence and strengthen self-esteem.
  • The positive experiences the women will have during the art therapy sessions will be consciously and unconsciously continued in daily life situations.
  • Increase integration of thinking and feeling
  • Improves self-soothing abilities
  • Increase cohesion, empathy, social skills and insight in group therapy
  • Reduced symptoms of depression
  • The act of creative expression together with others, increase empathy and social skills


The reason of organizing these workshops days is to bring attention to the development of women’s position in Bolivia.



By organizing KALLPA – empowerment workshops – we aim to empower women in Bolivia to become independent in order to create a brighter future for themselves. We do so by making them aware of their rights, desires, equality, seksuality, and most importantly by opening up their minds to the opportunities at reach in life by inspiring them with workshops and host speakers. We offer these women a day in which they are able to feel free, feminine and to fully enjoy in which for once they are the center of the attention. Because these women deserve it!



By offering these workshops we expect the women will have a more positive view regarding their possibilities and their future. We expect the women to become more self-conscious and empowered throughout paying attention to situation and issues that are currently not developed enough in Bolivia. Such as: womenrights, equalty and seksuality. We expect them to become inspired by the wokrhops in order to empower their futures and their personality.


The Kallpa exhibition will be organized once a year. The exhibition is dedicated to the theme: ‘I am a woman, and my story also counts’. The idea of organizing an exhibition about the art therapy offer at the shelter, came up when the woman painted a personal art work about themselves in the occasion of ‘International Women’s Day’ in March.



The goal of organizing this exhibition is to create a mid-term review in which the women will be invited to reflect on their ‘therapy and personal process’ through the analysis of their, ‘artistic’ process. Another goal is to communicate about art therapy and raise more awareness about the positive results from it.



By organizing this exhibition we expect the women get a better understanding of the growing process they are/ or have been going through. Throughout self-reflection and consciousness of one’s work and progress in an important step of reinforcing one’s confidence and personal strength, an empowerment that will eventually stay with them for the rest of their lives. Besides, we expect more interest for the introducing and eventually implementing of art therapy in Bolivia after communicating the results to the outside world.



In general, the exhibition is for all the women who join and have joined the art therapy session and for all the helpers from the shelter where we offer this project. However, in order to invite people in Bolivia to learn about Art Therapy in general and to spread the word about the enormous positive effects that Art therapy provides to women who have experienced domestic violence, we will also invite lawyers, artists, teachers, psychologists and helpers from other NGO’s and more.

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