Project T’ikay

Project T’ikay (meaning to blossom in Quechua, the most spoken indigeneous language) focuses on children who have suffered severe traumas. Through Art Therapy, emotional and spychological support and different workshops we help them work through traumatic events and help them regain sefl-esteem, confidence and independence.

Especially at a young age traumas can cause deep wounds that without treatment are carried into puberty and adulthood, where they cause further harm and prevent a heatlhy development, the building of good relationships and positive image of self.

With compassion and effort we acompany them and treat them in our own Art Center in Cochabamba.

Unhealthy and abuse family relationship, physical and sexual violence and accidents are causes that lead to severe traumas. Especially in a country where mental health is a tabu topic we make it our priority to shed light and bring help. Children react very positively to Art Therapy since expressing themselves artistically is one innate passion or every child and secondly because colors and shapes are part of the Bolivian culture.

Since our founding, we have worked with children who have suffered different kind of traumas and have gained unique experience and insights on how to best treat the traumas that we encounter.


After an impactful and fulfilling period of work with these beautiful children, the collaboration with the hospital has come to an end.

Our Actions


Through the action of Pintar en Bolivia we want to help children regain their physical and psychological confidence. We want to help them reintegrate social life by helping them feeling empowered ad accepting their past as part of their lives. The Art Therapies give them the tools to experiment, feel free and communicatie in a non-verbal way, and hopefully regain confidence in themselves and the place they hold in society to fight for their futures.

Volunteer with girl

Individual therapy session

Individual sessions allow the kids to enter a safer place in order to work on emotions and trauma. Here, we blend talkative and non verbal therapy.

Group therapy session

Group sessions allows for a blend of creativity from each kid’s perspective and encourage them to interact and work together on art works, most commonly around a given subject.

Educational support

It is our mission to ensure that each child has a valid education. We do so by ensuring they go to school, providing them support classes, holding inspirational talks and educating them about health and burn issues.

Little Gallery of Art Works and Dreams

Art Piece, Ballerina
Art Piece, Football player
Woman following her dreams
Art Piece, Police woman

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