Train the Trainer

Who do we work with?

For 2022, we will select three organizations in Cochabamba and surrounding areas to participate in the train-the-trainer program. We partner with local organizations who already have strong ties within the community. They work with youth on a regular basis, and can explain why this program will be beneficial to their organization and community. They commit to the training program and to carrying out the youth leadership program afterwards.

Before we start our training, we define what leadership looks like within the organization and how to work on leadership skills with youth in the surrounding area. Who are role models within the community, which natural entrepreneurial examples do we already find amongst youth, and how does the local organization want to make an impact on their youngsters? Using this information within the training ensures a better integration of the project.

Steps of selection and implementation

1. Filling out the form (-6 weeks before training starts)
Please fill out the form so we have your contact information and a clear idea of what your organization is about. We’ll contact you for our information session.

2. Participate in information session (-5 weeks before training starts)
To give all interested organizations some more information on the train-the-trainer program, we will organize a session in which we explain what the program is about, how we select organizations and what we expect in our collaboration.

3. Interviews and visiting your project (-4 weeks before training starts)
If after the information session you are still interested, we will want to get to know you and the organization better. By understanding the context that you work in, we are better able to understand if and how the training will be helpful for you. We will gather your input on youth leadership within the communities you work in, so we can make the training as fitting as possible to your organization’s situation.

4. Selection and signing the contract (-2 weeks before training starts)
If we conclude together that the train-the-trainer program will be a good addition to your organization’s intervention, you might be selected as one of the three participating parties in the training. We will sign a contract that lists expectations on both ends.

5. Participate in train-the-trainer program (start train-the-trainer)
At least two staff members of each local organization will participate in the train-the-trainer program. It’s important that the organization is present during all the sessions.The program starts off with 8 days of training, spread over a month. During these training sessions, the local organizations follow the program for youth themselves, while we reflect on the different elements of the program. By having the experience as a participant first, the staff is more familiar with the effects of the program. On top of the youth program, we introduce and practice various forms of facilitation. Goal of this first part is to make local organizations well equipped to facilitate the youth program.

6. Coaching during implementation (right after the train-the-trainer program)
After these sessions, we support the local organizations with the selection of participants for their first youth leadership program. This selection is important, because only youth that are motivated to learn about themselves and get into action for their community should make it onto the program. We help the trained staff to further implement the program with coaching sessions.

Steps short:
1. Open call – April 2022
2. Info session – May 2022
3. Selection – May 2022
4. Training – July 2022
5. Coaching – August 2022

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