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Pintar en Bolivia was inspired in 2014 by the story of Thomas, who was diagnosed with a terminal stage cancer. In the final stages of his treatments and life, Thomas found refuge and comfort in the arts, finding the perfect way to express his feelings by painting beautiful sceneries.


As Thomas had lived 6 years in Cochabamba before dying in Holland, Thomas’ mother encouraged Lisan to undergo her Arts Therapy Bachelor internship in Cochabamba and conduct an explorative project assessing the feasibility of developing an arts therapy support in Cochabamba, Bolivia; a country where this type of therapy is inexistent.

Noticing the deep need for psychological support especially for the poorest level of society, and receiving positive feedback on her work, Dutch Art Therapist Lisan subsequently decided to set up Pintar en Bolivia and made it her challenge and goal to help locals through the arts.


Even since, Lisan is pouring heart & soul in implementing Arts Therapy in the Bolivian culture, and in helping young women and children to heal their trauma thanks to the arts.


To this date, we operate in Cochabamba, the third biggest city in Bolivia. This city is a melting point of various cultures and indigenous people, which makes this place unique and beautiful but also brings complex difficulties.




Lisan is warmly welcomed by the various centres we work with, all of them being very excited to collaborate and work together towards a common goal. Fortunately, the success of the foundation continues to grow.
We hope that as a consequence we will be able to fully implement the foundation, and make it self-sustainable in order for it to constantly be present in Bolivia ensuring the continuity of the projects and the introduction of new insights throughout Bolivia and hopefully one day Latin America.

Beliefs & Values

Raising awareness

Raising awareness among local communities, through various events and information workshop, about the therapeutical effect of art therapy on child well-being

International spirit

Fostering intercultural exchange thanks to the involvement of both local and international team members and volunteers

Acting Locally

Through the sourcing of local tangible resources as well as involving local volunteers opening their eyes on issues happening around them

Arts can be anyhwere

We aim to integrate our work in a variety of public places showing that the arts hold and important place in daily lives and can be practiced in a variety of environments

Integrate art therapy

Encouraging professionals to integrate artistic therapies into their social and healthcare system

Knowledge transmission

We highly emphasise on helping local communities through education and not merely instant problem solving

Our Dream Team

Team member Alienor

Aliénor is a firm believer that the arts are a powerful tool for personal development.

Aliénor Aimé

Associate | European Business Team Lead

Devoted to the women's cause, Violaine coordinates Kallpa project with great values and visions at heart.

Violaine Guionie

European Business Team | Project Coordinator
Team member Nina Maria Molinari

With her curious & open-minded attitude, and love & knowledge of Bolivia, Nina is having a lot of fun putting in place our communication strategy.

Nina Maria Molinari

European Business Team | Communication Coordinator
Saksia Dutch Board

Saskia Tamminga

Board Member| Chairwoman
Loes Dutch Board

Loes Nijkamp

Board Member | Secretary
Marianne Dutch board

Marianne van der Giessen

Board Member | Treasurer
Eduardo Bolivian Team

Eduardo Camargo

Bolivian Team | Translator and Assistant Writer
Mia International Team

Mia Hall

International Team | Newsletter Coordinator and Assistant Writer

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