About us

Pintar en Bolivia (PEB) is a Dutch NGO based in Cochabamba, Bolivia. It was established in 2017 by the Dutch Art Therapist Lisan van der Wal who felt inspired by the story of Thomas, a teenager who found refuge and comfort in the arts while unsuccessfully fighting cancer. The non-profit brought to Bolivia an eye-opening practice to compensate for the lack of psychological support: Art Therapy. 

Over the last 4 years, PEB has carried out several Art Therapy projects for severely burnt children, children with cancer, and women in vulnerable situations. The Covid-19 pandemic shook the entire non-profit industry forcing us to face the harsh reality that many communities were going through. This difficult period enabled us to provide impactful projects for the communities and redefine our purpose. 

As of 2022, we are focusing our energy and ambition on strengthening youth’s leadership skills, so they can implement projects fostering social, environmental, and economic development within their communities. 

Meet our team



Facilitator train-the-trainer program

With her extensive experience in facilitating leadership programs in her home country Bolivia and abroad for over 10 years, Andrea is our local force behind PEB’s main mission and a key asset to our association. She oversees the development of the leadership program and the training of local organizations.

“I am involved in Pintar en Bolivia because I am deeply interested in creating spaces for growth, personal development and empowerment for women and children. I believe that education has profound impacts and provides tools that make people’s talents and potential flourish.”



Project coordinator

Carlijn joined the local team in Bolivia in 2020. After gaining some experience as a board member for another NGO focusing on leadership training in South America, she is now fulfilling an assisting role with the implementation of the youth leadership project in Cochabamba.

“My dream for PEB and the youth leadership program is to reach many individuals, organisations and communities here in Cochabamba in order to strengthen already existing interventions. It is wonderful to see how a creative program can result in youngsters learning to express themselves, becoming aware of their voice and actions. I believe that all the solutions for sustainable development are already here, we just have to listen closely, connect and take it one step at a time.“



Lisan is the Founder and General Director of Pintar en Bolivia. For almost five years, she lived in Bolivia and gained experience in developing, planning, and implementing Mental Health and Psychosocial Support projects for vulnerable young people. She is now living in The Netherlands, from where she has an essential contribution to our network and fundraising.

Meet our board



“After being in Bolivia in 2019, I wanted to be part of an organisation that made structural changes to reduce inequality and empower those who are vulnerable. Pintar en Bolivia offers me this opportunity and teaches me how to work in an international non-profit organisation. I am happy to be part of the change that we are making.




“By working for Pintar I hope to make a contribution to the success of a young foundation with ambitious goals. Though I have no previous experience in this field, I hope to use my experience from working for many years and in many roles in the private sector. The motivation, diversity and enthusiasm of the team makes Pintar the perfect spot to create a difference.”




“During Covid I had the realisation that it’s time to give back to a country that gave me a lot, Bolivia. Pintar provides the opportunity for me to contribute to projects that make a difference for the locals.”


Pintar en Bolivia

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